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Compete For Peace Contest

A contest for Arab Israelis, Palestinians, and Israeli students. Participants gain the opportunity to become catalysts for change by submitting  their idea on peace in any form of art such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, monologue, poems and so on. Project requirements may vary in accordance to age group.

The winner/s will receive a prizes in form gift cards and fun surprises.

projects may be submitted by December, 30. 

Compete For Peace Contest Requirements:


Prepare a project where you introduce and express your idea of peace. Specifically, between Israelis and Palestinians in the region. 

Choose one project assignment from your area of interest. All projects must be done individually.



1.Prepare a monologue of up to 2 minutes.

2. Direct a short movie or play up to 5 minutes (may include music, different characters and any other elements to further help bring your message across). Write a personal reflection of the issues presented in the play or movie.




1. Write a song or a rap song and perform it. (you may use background music or play an instrument of your own).




1. Paint a painting\draw a sketch and write a description on how it reflects peace.


2. Create a 3D sculpture and write a description on how it reflects peace. (you may use any materials you like to create the sculpture).


3. Take a photograph and write a description on how it reflects peace.

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