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Our Mission

Compete For Peace is a non-profit organization created to promote peace awareness amongst Palestinians and Israelis. Through this creative and amusing competition, students will be able to introduce their ideas on peace. This competition consists of three categories, each concerning a certain academic age group: elementary school, middle-school, and high-school. Thus, for each group there will be different requirements, although the principal assignment will remain constant.


Compete For Peace primarily focuses on the younger generation. By focusing on this group, we can effectively achieve our mission of creating peace in the country. It is crucial to integrate awareness in the education system, as the future that we strive to see flourish in the coming years is in the hands of the younger generations.


Through this creative initiative, students will think individually about the political situation they reside in. Through the creative development of a project directed towards a specific purpose, young minds will become more conscious of society as a whole. From a young age students inherently learn and internalize stereotypes due to the way society is constructed. These stereotypes create prejudice, therefore, affecting the behavior of people towards others of different groups. By providing a neutral space for students to share their ideas for a more peaceful world, we hope to decrease the hostilities among the two entities, hence helping create a more harmonious society.


We must take it upon ourselves to change the way that we, as a society, identify others and prevent it from influencing our youth. Compete For Peace will provide a neutral perspective, therefore limiting bias created by generations of hostility. Each participant will be able to use their artistic submissions to combat discrimination and become catalysts for change. The main goal is to provide a platform for students to raise awareness, while simultaneously gaining consciousness themselves.


Compete For Peace is the means of a solution for the ongoing dispute between the Palestinians and the Israelis in today’s society. Compete For Peace’s ultimate goal is to promote peace awareness between both sides, Palestinians and Israelis, as well as to improve the perception of both views towards each other's paradigms.

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